Image and Gif hosting that shares profits with you

It’s as easy as uploading your favorite photos, memes, or gifs. Supload will monetize the content that you create and share the profits your content generates with you -- the way it should be! Why use other providers that take all of the profits for themselves? Supload is going to revolutionize the way content creators are rewarded for their work.


We’re getting crypto into the hands of the people. Getting your first coins to gain experience can be very difficult. We want to lower the barrier of entry for new crypto users.


Our competitors keep 100% of the profits your creations generate or make monetization incredibly complex. We want to reward content creators for their work by splitting profits.


It doesn't have to be just about fake internet points anymore. On Supload, engagement and upvotes bring views, which in turn generates you cryptocurrencies.



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    Ethereum ERC223 Token

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  • Crowdfunding Participants


  • Supload Founders + Team


  • Marketing + Community


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Supload Team

The corporate founders and employment costs. If the ICO financing goal is achieved we will be able to form a staff of 12 for 5 years. The internal staff will mostly consist of developers, engineers, advertising sales, and marketing.

Legal & Compliance

In today’s cryptocurrency world, with ever-changing laws and regulations, it is important to have a strong legal and compliance team to help advise and guide us throughout our growth.

Operational Cost

These funds will be used to cover the operational costs of the site and token. These largely consist of server hardware and bandwidth. If the maximum level of financing is achieved we will be able to cover the operational costs for 5 years.

ICO Running Costs

These funds will be allotted to all costs involved in executing the ICO.

Marketing & Community

Marketing efforts and community expansion are vital to helping grow our user base and expand adoption of the token. Funds will be used to direct various marketing and promotional campaigns.


The contingency funds will be held in reserve for future expansion and growth of the site and token. Also, in the event that any unforeseen events, issues, or staffing requirements arise, we will have the necessary funds to accommodate those.


  • 1st Quarter 2019


    GraphQL Public API

    An open API (Advanced Programming Interface) will allow the creation of native mobile apps and web browser extensions.

  • 2nd Quarter 2018


    Infinite Scroll

    Infinite memes FTW. Infinite scroll increases user interaction time on site. Increasing ad views and earnings.

  • 3rd Quarter 2019


    External Embeddable Widgets

    Widget source code that can be copy and pasted to display content on external blogs / websites. A small text ad can be displayed inline with the content.

  • 3rd Quarter 2019


    Web Browser Extensions

    Browser extensions make uploading and copying the Supload link to your clipboard a one click process.

  • 4th Quarter 2019


    Full Length Video

    Full length multi-hour video as another format for content creators.


Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

An Internet entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts. The original founder of Supload in 2005. He has been involved with various Internet projects that ranged from web hosting & colocation, programming, and marketing since 1998. He became involved with cryptocurrencies and mining in 2012.

Mike Reilly

Mike Reilly

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer

Mike became passionate for online culture and programming in C through BBS’s and dial up modems in the late 1980’s. He read Satoshi’s whitepaper in early 2010. He wrote his first payment processor to accept bitcoin payments in late 2011. Mike wrote a cypto currency lottery site with Litecoin in early 2013. He rewrote the backend to a large alt coin mining pool in 2014 to allow miners to mine on multiple blockchains. Next, he began working on a escrow service utilizing Bitcoin multi signature wallets with his current Supload partner in 2015. That escrow service then pivoted into the current version of Supload.

David Raizman

David Raizman

Chief Operating Officer

David Raizman entered the Bitcoin space with an industrial mining operation in 2012, after which he worked with many international top tiered crypto currency companies. Known as AnalyzerX7 on social media - David has spearheaded philanthropic endevours across multiple platforms including Tipping Tuesdays on Reddit and raising bitcoin for the homeless in Barbados and Disaster relief with Red cross + Direct Relief via Twitter and Reddit.

Robert Allam

Robert Allam

Chief Marketing Officer

Robert used to be a Landscape Architect but made the leap into the online world of media 5 years ago after growing his prolific influencer persona on Reddit. This opened doors for various job opportunities, especially after getting featured on Forbes among other places. Doing a lot of pro bono consulting work and seeing how the fabric of trending media operates, he eventually used this experience for a job in the field. He initially worked with The Lad Bible and Unilad as a media executive, Jukin Media as a senior media buyer and is now taking on the role of CMO for Supload.

David Mandler

David Mandler

Public Relations

As a media relations and marketing expert, David Mandler has developed several award-winning publicity campaigns on behalf of his clients. David has maintained relationships with top editors, writers and producers across the country and secured editorial placements in every type of media outlet; print, online, TV and radio, both on a national, regional and international level.

Joel Margolis

Joel Margolis

Security Director

Joel Margolis is an information security professional from Hartford, Connecticut. Currently based in New York, he has many years of experience, starting his first internet business when he was only 17. He became involved cryptocurrencies and mining in 2013 when helping manage popular mining pools.

Sean Sun

Sean Sun

Creative Director

Sean Sun's passion is in integrating technology into other aspects of daily life, making blockchain the obvious path forward. He believes that by creating elegant and intuitive experiences, there can be more widespread adoption.

Andres Mego

Andres Mego

Customer Outreach

Andres studied Economics at the University of Tampa and became involved with cryptocurrencies in 2015. He has worked with both early stage start-ups and ad agencies creating strategic digital marketing campaigns.


Simon Chantry

Simon Chantry

Former COO Bitt Inc

An honors graduate specializing in Mechanical Engineering & Management, Simon discovered Bitcoin in 2011 and has been actively involved in the industry since by way of investment, mining, and building the Caribbean's first bitcoin exchange and blockchain based financial software service provider, Bitt. Director of Bitt since inception in 2013, Simon is currently COO and actively engaged in Bitt's major business development efforts with multiple central banks, telecoms, commercial banks, and governmental bodies to deploy a blockchain based mobile first digital payments software suite. With past project management and nuclear systems commissioning experience, including 3 years working with AMEC NCL on Bruce Powers Unit 1 & 2 Restart Project, Simon brings a systems approach to structuring business operations.

Andrew Warshaver

Andrew Warshaver

Former Blockchain Engineer at tZero

Mr. Warshaver has over fifteen years of experience building software for various industries. Before getting into blockchain technology, he worked on developing big data web apps, and later, low latency infrastructure for high frequency trading firms on Wall St. Following that, he worked on a variety of smart contract projects in the financial sector, most notably a blockchain-based exchange system at tZero. Presently, he owns and operates a cryptocurrency trading company that employs proprietary high frequency trading strategies.

Ben Gorlick

Ben Gorlick

Former Director, Products at Blockstream

Before Ben became involved in exploring bitcoin mining he could be found in his home state of Alaska mining for gold. He studied Computer Science at the University of Alaska Anchorage with an emphasis on distributed systems and databases. From gold miner to bitcoin miner, Ben co-founded the Bitcoin company Cloudhashing in early 2013 serving as Chief Operations Officer, which ultimately brought him to Silicon Valley.

Max Fang

Max Fang

Lightning Network

Max runs Blockchain at Berkeley and teaches a course on cryptocurrencies, and is interested in decentralized tech and applied cryptography, as well as startups, organizational management, and behavioral economics. He loves teaching others and deliver on average two workshops or lectures every week. Currently studying Computer Science and Economics at UC Berkeley.


Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic

CEO Blockgeeks Inc.

Ameer Rosic is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, investor and a Blockchain evangelist as the CEO of Blockgeeks Inc. Ameer is also an international speaker on Blockchain and Startups and has spoken at MaRs, Western university Barbados blockchain conference, BlockchainAsia and shared the stage with world-renowned entrepreneurs and politicians, Ameer is also a  blockchain writer who has appeared as a speaker on sites like VentureBeat, Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, Engadget and Forbes.

Liam Robertson

Liam Robertson

CEO Alphabit Limited

Liam is one of the largest individual and corporate traders of Cryptocurrencies in Europe and the Middle East. A certified investment manager in the UK, he established one of the world’s first regulated Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds in 2016. As founder and CEO of Alphabit Limited, Liam now advises a number of funds, family offices and ground-breaking Blockchain enterprises.

Lawrence Tilli

Lawrence Tilli

Partner, Fortitude Circle

Lawrence entered the cryptocurrency space as a blockchain payment consultant, leading a team from Imperial College London on a project with Capco. Following this, Lawrence, moved to Barbados to consult with Bitt Inc. to digitise the Caribbean financial ecosystem utilising blockchain and distributed ledger technology to facilitate secure peer-to-peer transactions. Whilst undertaking this project, Lawrence co-authored the white paper on Central Bank Digital Cash Issuance and advised on international regulatory developments within the cryptocurrency space. Inspired by innovation and developments in the space, Lawrence founded an international cryptocurrency support, education and research community comprising over 700 participants across 28 countries. Lawrence brings his network of strategic partners and experience within the dynamic regulatory landscape to Supload’s mission.

"I've been an avid user of Imgur and Reddit for a few years now. Two things kept me coming back: the active community and the daily trending content. Being a power user the one thing that lacks, in the long run, is a clear incentivization model."

Supload + Cryptocurrency. The possibilities are endless.

"Imagine a platform that offers an active community, daily trending content and a solid incentive for you to use that platform: Supload + Cryptocurrency. The possibilities are endless."



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