About Us

Our goal from the outset of this project was to put cryptocurrency into the hands of as many new users as we possibly could. As new users come in and learn what cryptocurrencies are capable of doing it will increase worldwide usage, demand, and spur future innovation.

The ability to earn coins from completing simple tasks such as sharing content that you create is a very easy solution to this problem. The cryptocurrency technology available today, low storage costs, and the recent surges in digital ad spending makes this all possible. We believe our platform has the ability to completely disrupt the content industry in ways never before possible; A fair revenue sharing model for creators and secondary revenue streams in the form of user payments and donations via tips all under one roof.

When this site was launched in 2005, it was with the idea that I could make it easier to share content among friends in one easy place. In 2017, thanks to cryptocurrencies, we have the ability to be something much bigger, an idea that could change the content monetization world. Whether you are using a supercomputer at MIT or a mobile phone in a third world country, everybody is capable of earning from their unique creations and ideas without limitations.

Mailing Address

Supload, Inc.
6370 West Flamingo Road, #12
Las Vegas, NV 89103