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Dr. Professorman - Nevah Evah Oldah lyrics
Nevah Evah Oldah (oldah, oldah,)
Nevah, Nevah, Nevah Evah Oldah
Nevah Evah
Nevah Evah
Never Older (NO!) Never Older, YEAH!

Nevah Nevah Older (NO!)
Never Older
Always younger
Always young-AY!
Never, Never, Older (young)
Never, Never, Never, Never
(Nevah Evah Oldah)

*incomprehensible babble*

Dr. Professorman - Nevah Evah Oldah Ringtone
Artist: Dr. Professorman
Song name: Nevah Evah Oldah
Genre: electronic
Uploaded: 10-14-2007
Played 587 times

Dr. Professorman Ringtones

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