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Over 2 Million files hosted
Supload is a free file hosting website. Supload offers the following: Free Image hosting - Free Music Hosting - Free Video Hosting - Free File Hosting - Ringtone Hosting. Supload enables people across the world to upload and share images, music, audio, videos, ringtones, or any kind of files. Host and share your files at MySpace, LiveJournal, Facebook, eBay, hi5, or anywhere you can post photos, music, ringtones, or videos!
account registration is now available. currently in beta mode, there are several features already setup and working in the system and several more to come. users will have access to a unique file control panel to track any files you have uploaded!

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feature: Supload Firefox extension
uploading images just got easier for Firefox users! our new extension is now available. read more here

feature: upload images from your own website!
place your own uploader on your site and upload images directly to read more here

feature: upload images from your mobile phone
upload images directly from your mobile phone to read more here
upload images from your computer. you can also upload zip files which contain images.
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there is no maximum image file size.
maximum image dimensions are 1600x3200.

the following file types are accepted:
all image types & image containing .zip files

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image sizing options
applies to transfered or uploaded images
resize to: W: x H:

resize your images to a smaller size. this will only change your image size if the original size is larger than the dimensions selected above. maximum image size is 1600x3200 pixels